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Medium duty caster wheel factory by Zhong-shan LPHY Hardware Products Factory focuses on manufacturing quality office caster wheels and light-duty casters, The quality of our products has been recognized by the casters industry. Welcome to visit our factory and negotiate business. LPHY caster manufacturer is an expert in making qualiy office chair wheels and provides excellent custom caster wheel. We are a professional caster suppliers in China. We manufacture and export casters and wheels in a wide range from office chair wheels to heavy duty casters with the best technology, Strict quality management system, widely use environmental protection material in production, Our products are 80% for export, mainly to Europe, North America and South East Asia. Read more details at office chair caster wheels.

A variation of the kingpin is a forged kingpin. This variation is a much more durable than a standard kingpin and is perfect for most applications including towlines. A much larger kingpin connects everything together through forging, which means you don’t ever have the wiggle or give that will develop in a standard kingpin. Many forged kingpins are also maintenance-free. Wheel bearings are somewhat straightforward. You need to get bearings that will support your specific applications. There are quite a few types of wheel bearings, but two or three will normally suffice for most applications. In most situations, we use precision ball bearings versus caged roller bearings. Precision ball bearings are substantially more robust and will stand up to most applications including heavy weight in towlines. A Delrin bearing is used when you have chemicals and moisture involved in more extreme environments. You won’t get the same weight capacity as with a precision ball bearing, but you’ll not have the bearing breaking down either.

There are two main types of caster rig: the kingpin and the kingpinless. The kingpin in particular has variations that make a huge difference, and all of these will differ in 3 main ways: connection to top-plate, maintenance, and the overall design and durability. The kingpin is the base rig for casters and is not suitable for towlines. With a kingpin caster rig, a bolt essentially holds everything together. In some applications, this will become lose and cause the caster to fail. This is the starting point for casters. The kingpinless caster rig connects the top-plate and the fork with ball bearings inside of a hardened raceway. The bearings themselves keep everything together. This is the starting point for towlines.

After years of painstaking research, Zhongshan LP Hardware Co., Ltd.’s technicians have successfully developed 3 inch light screw rubber brake universal single brake caster. Continuous innovation ability is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. In essence, product performance and its quality are largely decided by its raw materials. In terms of raw materials of 3 inch light screw rubber brake universal single brake caster, they have gone through plenty of tests on their chemical components and performance. In this way, the Light duty caster, Office chair caster and Furniture hardware fittings quality is guaranteed from the source.

Before you purchase any casters, you need to consider many factors. There are so many industries and applications that require specific features on casters, that we like to first evaluate the whole environment and requirements, and then match the perfect caster to each unique situation. If you’d like to take advantage of our 33 years in the caster industry while working with tens of thousands of clients, feel free to contact us at any time. We can work through the caster selection process along your side. Either way, the information below will allow you to make more informed decisions.

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