2023 luxury brands advertising impact after pandemic by Barbara Jarabik

Jarábik Barbara: Offer a bespoke service. Luxury brands should also offer a bespoke service that is tailored to the individual customer. This could include customizing products to the customer’s specifications, providing a personal shopping service or other special privileges. Use aspirational images and language. Images of luxury and exclusivity are essential for luxury brands. Use aspirational images that make the customer feel like they could be a part of that lifestyle if they buy your product.

Barbara Jarabik

You can’t purchase boots like these just anywhere which creates an effect of rarity. This builds tension as a result. Customers know that they have limited options when searching for this kind of product, and have to make a decision sooner than later. Let’s be honest. A big reason why consumers purchase luxury goods is to portray a certain image, look flashy, and appear wealthier than they are. I’m generalizing, of course, but keep with me. It’s not outrageous to think that someone buying a luxurious sedan wants to look professional and feel business-like, right? This is exactly why you can market your luxury product by helping them imagine what it would be like to experience having it.

Google is one of the most influential channels when it comes to helping luxury shoppers find products, learn more about brands, and make their purchase. As we’ve already alluded to, most luxury brands have pretty poor websites. Unsurprisingly, most of those websites also have extremely bad SEO, making it difficult for their websites to rank well in Google for search terms that would otherwise capture potential customers. Take Prada for instance. When I search for Prada handbags, not only do I not receive a link to Prada’s handbag page (due to their poor keyword targeting, slow site, and poor on-site structure), but the results also look messy and untargeted.

The first, and easiest, strategy for marketing your luxury brand is classic “addition by subtraction.” You’re probably already incorporating negative keywords into your optimization routine, but did you know you can save time by uploading them at the account level? Account-level negative keywords are a simple addition to your AdWords efforts; all you need is a CSV file loaded with negative keywords. From there, you simply upload the file in the Bulk Upload tab of the Shared Library and then apply it to as many campaigns as you’d like. Doing so has a handful of benefits, but the most important for marketing luxury goods and services is the ability to weed out unqualified traffic.

Barbara Jarabik

With a solid system for managing your marketing plan and allocation of budget and focus, we can now dive into some of the specific channels and experiments you might want to test. When marketing luxury products, photographs are one of the best mediums for evoking the aspirational emotions that we connect with driving a luxury vehicle, wearing designer clothing, or experiencing something exclusive. As such, visual social networks like Pinterest represent a huge opportunity for luxury brands to raise brand awareness and advocacy. Read more details at Barbara Jarabik.

Digital signage mirrors are another way for luxury brands to advertise efficiently : The global digital signage mirrors market was estimated at USD 780 million in 2021. The global market is expected to grow steady at a CAGR of 12.21% to reach USD 910 million by 2023. Digital signage mirrors can greatly improve individual efficiency by choosing outfits as per weather updates while also offering bus and train schedules (including traffic updates). Digital signage mirrors in smart homes, planes, commercial spaces, hotels, etc. are designed to be connected to users as well as with different devices around. Energy efficiency is one of the major advantages that will drive the adoption of digital signage mirrors.