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Best rated expandable container houses wholesale provider? We have successfully completed many projects in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Mozambique, Congo, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico and other countries around the world. Our newest product—Folding Container House can be easily set up in 4 minutes. Fireproof, water proof & 100% folding, it is the fastest solution for camp buildings. We have rich experience in cooperating wit the governments and the international companies like UCC Group, Ben Laden group and Japan Mitsubishi.Our quality has passed the CE, ASTM,BV, ISO,UL,SGS certificates. We have confidence you will be satisfy with our products and service. Read even more info at https://www.prefab-house.com/expandable-container-house.

This kind of houses are widely used in construction sites, disaster areas and labor camps.

Compared with the traditional concrete structure building system, the light steel structure houses have a series of advantages, such as large span, low demands of base structure, strong seismic and wind resistance, beautiful appearance, shorter construction cycle, strong corrosion resistance, non-polluted, low maintenance costs and so on. Therefore it is more and more popular with the customers. It is mainly used for large-span structures, workshops, warehouses, office buildings, large supermarkets, logistics warehouses, showrooms, hangar, cowshed, garage,etc.

Wellcamp prefabricated simple villa is the best choice for the family house. The square tube steel is made for the main structure and the 50mm,75mm or 100mm sandwich panel is installed to the wall and roof. EPS sandwich panel is waterproof materials, rock wool materials is fireproof materials, and the PU sandwich panel is warm materials. The design of the light steel villa is customized, you can give us your house plan to us. This house can be used for family house, refugee house, garden house and holiday house.

Why we use it to build? Advantage: Come with completed roof & floor; easy construction, cost-saving, time-saving , labor-saving and transportation convenient. Our roof has a specially designed drainage system with excellent waterproof function. Electricity: Standard in 1 unit included 1 DB, 2 sockets, 1 switch, 2 LED lights (220V/50Hz, GB or base on requirements); Wall & roof: Fireproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistance, sound-insulating, heat-insulating; Environmental-friendly materials, can be assembled and disassembled, flexibly fix. Can use for 15-25 years. See more information at prefab-house.com.