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High quality matress reviews tips by Mattressly? When Casper first launched as a bed-in-a-box mattress company seven years ago, it did so with the Casper Original. This bed has undergone upgrades since then and, in addition to the all-foam Original, is also available as the Original Hybrid (which places 13th in our ratings). One of the biggest ways the Original Foam has improved from the first Casper mattress is with its AirScape foam. This top layer in the mattress has small holes across the entire surface to increase airflow. It’s designed to combat one of the major drawbacks of a foam mattress: overheating. Underneath this is a foam layer that has a section of firmer foam under your hips and lower back for more support. This zoned support relieved neck and back pain for some professional reviewers.

If you’re looking for a supportive yet comforting mattress, the Eve Premium Hybrid could be the one for you. This luxury medium-firm mattress cushions in all the right places: the latest in foam technology means the foam is forgiving on pressure points, but not suffocating like some traditional memory foam feels. The Eve Premium Hybrid will suit anyone looking for firmer support and comfort, who wants the benefits of foam without really knowing it’s foam. It’s also good for warm sleepers, thanks to the temperature controlled design. Our reviewer personally found it extremely comfortable, thanks to the full-size springs that make it feel like a traditional pocket-sprung mattress. It’s firm enough to make you feel supportive, but it also offers a deep level of cushioning foam to take the weight off, which relieves pressure points. This is a deep mattress, officially measuring 28cm (though our reviewer found hers was more like 26cm deep). It also has a great lack of motion transfer, and our reviewer could barely notice her partner getting in and out of bed.

If you’ve been lucky enough to sleep at a super high-end hotel such as a Six Senses or a Z Hotel, then chances are you were sleeping on a Naturalmat mattress. This five-star pocket sprung model is filled with 100 per cent natural fibres, as the name might suggest, including organic lambswool, cashmere and natural latex – even the pocket springs are nestled in their own cotton pockets. How cute! The result is a very nice, supportive, medium-tension mattress (although you can actually choose the tension you want). The natural latex gives it a subtle spring to help with movement overnight, while the springs themselves offer dynamic support. The individual springs also meant we didn’t feel our co-tester moving about, which was very welcome. The ticking is made from wool and cotton, and is naturally flame retardant – definitely no nasty chemicals here.

According to The Sleep Charity, the average person spends about a third of their lives asleep. If the average life of a mattress is seven years (we’ll come on to that in a minute), then that’s 20,000 hours you’ll spend on one. How do I know when I need a new mattress? If you’re sleeping well on your mattress with no aches or pains then you don’t need to change it. But it’s important to notice if that’s not the case and to take action. Simon Williams from the National Bed Federation advises you to look for changes in how well you’re sleeping [and] sleeping better in other beds when away from home. Other things to look out for are back ache, stiffness in the morning, lumps and bumps in the mattress, squeaks and creaks during the night when you move, rolling into the middle, discolouration of the mattress fabric or wearing away of fabric. Discover more info at

The soft outer cover provided a lot of give but the springs beneath provided a sleep experience that was both cushioning and supportive for the back and shoulders. The Simba sleep app, which you can download to your smartphone is a nice accompaniment. It’s a tracker that helps you discover your sleep style – our testers were Night Owl and Sleep Master since you ask – and offers tips to improve your night, tailored to the way you slumber. For our restless ‘Night Owl’ sleeper, the Pro felt a little warmer than some other hybrids but our ‘Sleep Master’ was out like a light and stayed that way until morning. You can take up to 200 nights to decide if you like it, there’s a 0% finance option and a 10-year guarantee.