Recyclable pouch provider in 2022

Doypack manufacturer by Pouchbag? Kraft Window Stand Up Pouch is covered with brown kraft paper made of fully natural pure unbleached long fiber pulp. All our pouches are Food Grade, BPA free laminate, comply with Eu No 10/2011 regulation amendment 2018/831. Extra transparent plastic layers designed to have medium barrier for oxygen and water vapor. Bottom gusset of the stand-up pouches will open easily to ensure stable standing even for the light products. Discover extra details at kraft aluminium stand up pouch. Made of Paper only: Paper has one of the easiest and well established recycling streams. End customers can safely throw it out to the paper once the pouch is totally used. We inform the customers so that they don’t need to wonder where to dump it to. Why Compost if you can Recycle? All kinds of paper will compost if left in nature or given enough time humidity and oxygen in composting factories. We always ask why compost if you can recycle? Paper can be used over and over again and have a high economical value. We believe in Circular Economy.

Currently recyclable materials cannot be used in all kinds of packaging machinery. We see that when it is currently very hard to use Recyclable materials, like flat bottom box pouches, we can use bio-based materials as an eco-friendly alternative. In our opinion compostable stand-up pouch is a very good idea but in reality it has a limited benefit for the nature. Compostable stand up pouches may be ideal where the waste collection cannot be effectively made like in camping areas or in less developed countries.

Many objective studies show in details why use of plastic is better. Plastic is valuable material. We should not give up on it after single use. The second life of the flexible pouch is not good for food contact but there are many other areas where flexible packaging is used in non-food applications. A problem we see with plastic packages are marine litter. First of all plastics is not the only polluter of the oceans. We see the plastics more because it floats whereas the other materials sink.

Today, we are moving towards a circular economy and using the same resource of our world over and over again has become more important. Now we have Monolithic finished stand up pouches made of layers all made of Polyethylene or Polypropylene. This kind of stand up pouches can be re-granulated and used in extruding new plastic pouches. Theoretically this can be done over and over again without losing its original properties. Bio-Based Stand-up Pouches means made of starch or other plants from soil. It means that when producing a bio-based pouch we use no or less fossil resources like oil. Read even more details on