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Chemical resistant work gloves wholesale manufacturer today: The risk of exposure to hazardous materials and poor-quality protective wear can limit the productivity and safety of workers. Hazardous Chemicals, Liquids, and Oil: Dealing with machines usually in contact with black oils, lubricants, aerosol Spray, gear oil, and chemicals liquids. Rough and Sharp-Edged Objects: Exposed to risks of injuries due to handling machinery works. Hand Fatigue: Long hours of working can cause discomfort in hands especially handling heavy machines or objects. The excellent grip performance of our gloves allows less force required to handle machine parts or objects, thus increasing work efficiency. See even more information at https://excia.asia/products/hands-protection/?_gloves_category=chemical-protection.

Microfibre is synthetic fabric with very small fibres or threads. The diameter of microfibre is about 20 times smaller than a human hair. The most common types of microfibres are made from polyesters, polyamides or a combination of polyester, polyamide, and polypropylene. The shape, size and combinations of synthetic fibres are selected for specific characteristics, including softness, toughness, absorption, water repellency, electrostatics, and filtering. Features: Breathable fabric; Retains original shape; Comfort is similar to natural fibres and soft; High performance moisture wicking ability; Enhanced durability; Lightweight; Easily maintained and cleaned.

Natural cellulose fibre. Flexible, soft and non-irritating, it protects against mechanical aggression (impacts, low vibration, iron filings, splinters, glass fragments), absorbs perspiration and gives you great comfort when wearing dipped protective gloves continuously. Cotton fibres are mixed with polyester fibres in order to associate comfort with a higher mechanical resistance and more elasticity. Nylon: A lightweight elastic polyamide which is largely lint-free and washable, dries quickly and is resistant to abrasion and deformation. Mixed with cotton and acrylic, it makes the glove more flexible and extends its lifetime.

Size and tensile strength requirements for single use medical gloves. No less than 240mm in median length and 95mm (±10mm) median width to provide adequate protection along full length of the hand (exception for long cuff gloves). Strength is measured by elongation until breaking point, indicated as Force At Break (FAB) in newtons (N). FAB is measured on standard sample and on a rapid aged sample that is kept at 70°C for 7 days to simulate glove deterioration during prolonged shelf life. FAB requirements differ per glove material and if the glove is for examination or surgical purpose.

Breathex Foam: This dual-latex coating technology allows gloves to be both breathable and liquid resistant, providing premium grip and dexterity with breathability in dry or wet environments, no matter the outdoor conditions. How It Works: Aerated latex foam covers 13 gauge liner to allow warm air to escape, so your hands can breathe and perspiration is reduced. Full foam latex coating is impermeable, preventing liquid from penetrating the glove and therefore keeping your hands dry. Extra latex coating on palm and fingers provides excellent grip and dexterity.

Hand protection is designed to guard against a wide range of hazards, including: cuts and abrasions, extreme temperatures, skin irritation and dermatitis, and contact with oil & chemical substances. Gloves designed for protection against chemicals must comply with the standard EN374, other standards which give markings for different types of protection includes EN388, EN407, EN511, etc. The gloves must pass the air leak and/or water leak test, and meet the defined AQL inspection level. In an air leak test the interior of glove is pressurized with air and the surface is checked for holes. In a water leak test the glove is filled with water, and checked for the appearance of water droplets on the outside surface after a defined time period. See extra details at https://excia.asia/.